About us

Viniferra Beverages

Viniferra Beverages was founded in 2017. We are importers of wines and spirits. In South India, there was a growing need to contemporaries the alcohol distribution business, which we took hold of it and grabbed this opportunity to cater the needs of the prevailing market. A tireless dedication to hard work, honesty and the personal touch has led to long standing and well trusted relationship.
Viniferra Beverages is successfully run by young Entrepreneurs from different Business Backgrounds.
Mr. Bhoopal Ramoothy hails from Coimbatore and a graduate who is into stock trading for nearly 13 years and Is a designated partner in Viniferra Beverages.
Mr. Kannan viswanathan hails from Coimbatore and comes from Gold wholesale merchant family and also into garments trading for nearly 13 years, and Is a designated partner in Viniferra Beverages.